Why choose a Concrete Driveway

Why are Concrete Driveways gaining popularity?

When homeowners look for ways to boost the exterior’s functionality, a new driveway is one of the first things that strike their mind. Besides creating a pathway, a driveway also provides an even surface for your vehicles. We all know that the driveways are often subjected to a lot more pressure than other parts of our dwelling; thus, the deterioration rate on them is much higher. This can be due to the weight and friction caused by various types of vehicles.
Due to this reason, concrete driveway construction is gaining popularity over bitumen, asphalt, and other materials, as they provide better durability and strength. Concrete offers several decorative options, making the driveways made from the material unique from other driveway constructions.

Concrete Driveway Construction Process.

The contractor in charge should facilitate constructing a concrete driveway properly to obtain the desired finish, quality, strength, and durability. The quality of material used and the workmanship involved are the deciding factors in the driveway’s esthetics and performance.

The proper concrete construction requirement follows the following processes:

⦁ Preparation of Subgrade
⦁ Proper Concrete mix selection
⦁ Placement of Reinforcement
⦁ Placement of Concrete
⦁ Finishing of Driveway
⦁ Placement of Joints
⦁ Proper drainage facility
⦁ Curing

A concrete driveway offers several advantages over any traditional driveway construction method. Out of all the benefits, strength, and durability of concrete are the best known.
Advantages of Concrete Driveway
Concrete is used extensively to construct high-rise buildings, structures, and bridges, which reflects its superior characteristic when used for the driveway. The major advantages of concrete driveways are:
Quality Construction
In most cases, driveway constructions provide first impressions to your home. Concrete as a material for the driveway adds quality in appearance. Concrete provides a professional and clean look.
A well-maintained concrete driveway can last for several years. Concrete is a great structural material that can take up heavy traffic loads, wear and tear, and exposure to harsh climatic conditions. The only requirement for maintaining your driveway’s strength is the planned construction with the mix of design and construction joints, depending on the site’s condition. When a professional contractor designs your concrete driveway, it will have long-term integrity.
High Versatility
Regardless of your building’s type of landscaping design or layout, the concrete driveway is a perfect fit. The material is fit for both traffic and residential use. The use of concrete in your driveway enhances the esthetics of the property. Concrete maintains your driveway’s versatility, and the material offers a wide variety of designs.
Low Maintenance
Due to the high durability of the concrete driveway, it reduces the required maintenance. Like the other options, the issue of paver shifting and weeds are not found in the concrete driveways. The material demands a little to no maintenance. If there are any stains on the concrete, they can be removed easily. The maximum maintenance that the concrete required is cleaning once a while with a stain cleaner. You can even use sealants in your concrete driveway construction to protect it from stains and damages.
Cost to install a concrete driveway
The cost, here, is in terms of construction and maintenance costs. The material and construction cost of concrete can be competitive, but the extra cost is compromised as it requires almost no maintenance. A well-constructed concrete driveway can last about 25 years with no maintenance, making considerable savings for you over time. When you choose other driveway material, you will have to spend a lot of time, effort, and money on maintenance. Moreover, they also have a shorter lifetime.
The benefits mentioned above of choosing concrete driveways are just a glimpse of what they offer the homeowners. If you hire an experienced professional driveway installer, the material can provide much more than what you are looking for.

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